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Portable Small Black Folding Chair Padded with Lock Mechanism Easy Storage and Stackable (6)

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Oct. 19, 1954 e. e. HICKOK FOLDING CHAIR MECHANISM 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed March 14, 11952 /n ven for Glenn G. Hickok Oct. 19, 1954 cs. (-5. HICKOK 2,692,01 l

Referring to Figure 3, the normal use of a chair may be considered as providing an-average force acting along the line of the arrow 33. However, it is very possible that a person may apply by the dotted arrow 34 by standing on the chair when using it in place of a ladder. When force is applied along the line of the dotted arrow 34., it will be recognized that such force is in large measure transmitted to the rear leg l2 through the cross rod 23, creating a counterclockwise movement about the point where the foot 20 rests on the floor. Such counterclockwise movement of the rear leg l2 is accompanied, due to the link connection between the front leg and the rear leg l2 affected by the seat M, by a counterclockwise movement of the front le in around-the point of contact of the foot IS with the floor. The seat l4 rotates in a clockwise direction. These movements are indicated by the arcuate arrows. The improvement provided by the present invention locks the folding chair mechanism. against the tendency to move in the direction described under the action of forces similar to those acting along the line of the dotted arrow 34.


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FOLDING CHAIR MECHANISM Filed March 14, 1952 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 /n ven for G/enn G. Hickok Afforney Patented Oct. 19, 1954 UNITED STATES ATENT OFFICE FOLDING CHAIR MECHANISM Glenn G. Hickok, Ionia, Mich.