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Marshall Bandits Ferret Treat, 3-Ounce, Chicken


Ferrets are obligate carnivores by nature, meaning their diet is mainly meat-based. Though they can consume vegetable matter, it lacks the nutrition they need for sustenance. Ferrets' ancestors lived off of the meat, organs, and bones of small prey, so diets consisting mostly of meat are ideal. They have quick digestion and fast metabolisms, so frequent feeding is a necessity. Ferret treats make the perfect solution to keeping your pet nourished and active without feeding an unhealthy amount of full meals every day.

Pet Mountain's Ferret Treat store features a wide variety of wholesome treats that your ferret will love. While most are meat based, some do offer variations on the formula, providing bite-sized fruit and yogurt treats that will give your ferret a delicious break from its routine. Pet Mountain carries treats from the leading ferret care brands, including Marshall, Super Pet, 8 in 1 and N-Bone.

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Ferrets are carnivores, but their digestive systems are more like cats than dogs. Never feed a ferret dog food. Ferrets need the mineral taurine -- this is in cat food but not in dog food. I doubt that a dog liver treat now and then would hurt the ferret, but as a general rule, it's better to stick to cat-oriented or ferret-oriented treats and foods. I know people who feed their ferrets cat treats and it seems to be fine. There are numerous ferret treats on the market also -- just make sure they are not too high in fat.


Ferret Treat Switch And Ways To Handle Ferrets

Ferret treats can be fun or dangerous, depending on what you choose to give your pet. Most pets of any species enjoy treats, and ferrets are no exception. Unfortunately, it’s easy for new ferret owners to make bad choices.