• Ferrero Rocher chocolate.
  • Now to make your cake pops into Ferrero Rocher cake pops!
  • Homemade Ferrero Rocher Truffles - Handle the Heat

Ferrero Rocher, Flat 48 Count

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Ferrero Rocher offers a unique taste experience of contrasting layers: a whole crunchy hazelnut in the heart, a delicious creamy hazelnut filling, a crisp wafer shell covered with chocolate and gently roasted pieces.
And thanks to its inimitable golden wrapper Ferrero Rocher is even more unique and special.

Ferrero Rocher was created from a long family tradition and expertise in crafting chocolate and quality confections. From the toasting of the hazelnuts to the making of the chocolate, Ferrero owns unequalled expertise in the creation of the inimitable Ferrero Rocher recipe.


i love ferrero rocher and nutella!!

Hi, I am back and glad to be catching up on all your posts. Great job with these Ferrero Rocher. They look amazing! I remember when I had my first one (yeah, it must have been exactly in 1982) on a school trip and our teacher bought us one each. I remember biting into it and saying: hey, this is full of Nutella! At that age I never thought of the connection. Anyway, besides making it obvious how much older I am than you (well, not THAT much), it was good to take this walk down memory lane.