• Falcon Chair Photo: Brooke Holm
  • High & low Falcon chairs, coffee table & footstool; Pohutukawa Beach House by Herbst Architects 9
  • Vintage Falcon highback chair. The Design Files. Photo by Brooke Holm.
  • Sigurd Ressell's 1971 Falcon Chair

NFL Falcons Cooler Quad Chair


Broken Leg
Hi Karen this is a message all the way from Australia - I too have a broken front leg to my beautiful Falcon Chair - did you have any luck sourcing one?

falcon chair with armrests
I just bought a chair with is very similar to the falcon , but
what I was wondering about is that our chair has got armrests.
Does anyone know, if this is also an original by Sigurd Ressel?
Thank you for any answer in advance.
I will post photos within the next days...
kind regards


Falcon Chair - Robins Egg Blue | Raymour & Flanigan

Vatne Mobler visit
Since you were just at the factory, I have a question. I have 2 falcon chairs I purchased in Norway in 1978. Rosewood with brown leather cushions. One of the front legs just snapped. Did the factory have any replacement wooden legs for the Falcon? Or would a metal frame fit the sling from the falcon chair from the 1970's? Please reply. Magne tusen takk!