• found the first enzyme in 1833.
  • Enzyme reaction rates can be decreased by various types of enzyme inhibitors.
  • Several enzymes can work together in a specific order, creating metabolic pathways.
  • * List of enzymes* Enzyme databases** BRENDA** ExPASy** IntEnz** KEGG** MetaCyc

Effect Of Mulberry Cultivars On Enzymetic Activity Of Bombyx Mori L


Heating an enzyme above a certain temperature will destroy the enzyme permanently. It will be broken down by and the chemicals will be used again.

Some chemicals can help an enzyme do its job even better. These are called . Sometimes, a chemical can slow down an enzyme or even make the enzyme not work at all. These are called . Most drugs are chemicals that either speed up or slow down some enzyme in the human body.


An Introduction to Enzymes and Catalysis

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