• Title: Camperdown Elm Jigsaw Puzzle
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  • ELMS Puzzles on The Martha Stewart Show
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On The Greens: Wooden Klotski Sliding Block Puzzle - Handmade Wooden Puzzles for Adults by SiamMandalay

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Dedicated jigsaw puzzlers know nothing matches the quality (or challenge) of a hand-cut wooden puzzle. But at about $2.00 or so per piece they are outrageously expensive (a 20″ x 24″ 1000-piece puzzle can cost $3,000). ELMS Puzzles solves the dilemma by offering a rental program that lets you keep a puzzle for three months, by which time you should either be done or realize you’ve met your match.

If you go to the Elms Puzzle website and click on the custom puzzle tab and go to the puzzle by artist field you will find the artists you require.


Central Park Autumn Elm Trees Puzzle - New York | Zazzle