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Disney® Electronic Reader and 8 Book Library


Electronic book readers are becoming popular at a time when paper books, magazines, and newspapers are losing ground. The convergence of these two events could end in two different ways–either eBooks will basically replace paper books, or paper books make a resurgence and the two formats exist in some kind of book harmony. Whatever the case, eBooks have found their way into millions of homes and become second nature to many book lovers. Don’t expect the popularity or prevalence of eBooks and their readers to go away any time soon.

The popularity of the Amazon Kindle (released in 2007) is due in part to marketing and in part to the ease with which customers can download books. The Internet has spread a wider net across the world since the late 90s, and it is just plain easier to get eBooks on the Kindle than any other electronic book reader.


The Irex Iliad Electronic Reader 800SG

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