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Schumacher SSC-1000A SpeedCharge 2/6/10 Amp Battery Charger and Maintainer with 50-Amp Battery Clips

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Electric Bicycle Battery Charger 29.4V 2A for 24V Ebike battery

Input Voltage: AC100-240V
Output Voltage:DC29.4V
Output Current:2A
Charging Mode: Constant Current, Constant Voltage
Warranty: 2 years

New style portable lead acid golf cart electric car battery charger(CE approved) with high efficiency A new reseach in battery chargers with a fashion looking and good quality. 1. LED display with charging time, current flow and voltag...


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This wheeled electric battery charger features a timer controlled manual setting that provides overcharge protection and a 225 amp engine with a start setting that provides instant starting power. The multiple speed charge settings are in place for a quick charge. The 2 amp trickle charge setting keeps batteries fully charged and maintained while not in use extending the life of the battery.