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Braun Ear Thermometer


This ear thermometer is perfect for babies, kids and adults. The tool is easy to clean and comes with great protective bag. It detects changes in body temperature faster than the old style oral thermometers, and is more accurate than other temperature detectors. In addition, the product dimensions are 1.6*1.3*0.7 inches.

Aug. 22, 2002 -- Those infrared ear thermometers that have become so popular with pediatricians and parents are fast and easy to use, but are they accurate? A review of the research suggests they may not be, and while temperature variations are slight, they could make a difference in how a child is treated.


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The Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer takes a temperature with infrared heat from the ear. It includes a guidance system that helps the user put the thermometer in the right position, with lights and sounds. It also has a pliable tip and disposable lens filters to prevent germs from spreading. The temperature is displayed on an LCD screen.