• Eagle Claw Snelled Treble Hook
  • Eagle Claw Snelled Treble Hook
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Eagle Claw 376T-14 2X Treble Regular Shank Curved Point Hook, 20 Piece (Gold)


If you're bait fishing, I would bring four colors of PowerBait with you andndash; Chartreuse, Rainbow, Fluorescent Orange and Cheese andndash; and use them on a size 16 Gamakatsu or Eagle Claw gold treble hook on a sliding sinker rig. Boaters should knock the socks off of them using a 4-inch Big Al's Fish Flash with their favorite lure trailing behind it.

For those who like their bass on top, the Ka-Pop is a small, 2-inch surface popper with a larger-than-usual popping face. You can even "walk" it between pops. Two internal steel rattles make extra noise, and the mylar skirt creates a realistic appearance. Eight colors are available. Also new is the Sparx series of jerkbaits, available in 3 1/2- and 4 1/2-inch sizes. These lures feature highly reflective bodies (holographic inserts), No. 4 Eagle Claw trebles, and mylar tails.


Eagle Claw Treble Hook 4X Nickle 5ct Size 2/0