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Furhaven Pet Orthopedic Pet Mattress, Large, Chocolate


Their life expectancy is shorter than smaller dogs and they often have aching muscles and joints sooner in the aging process. To delay the effects of the aging process and to provide comfort during the aging process, an luxury dog bed will be a great help.

Do you own a large dog? Does your dog have problems sleeping on the floor? Is his/her bed too small? Does your dog have aching muscles and joints? A luxury dog bed for large dogs does provide a great win-win solution for all – both you and your dog.


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Dog beds and Mammoth Dog Beds will pop to the top of the list. This is a company that has a wide range of dog beds; so you can find anything you need for your best friend. As any dog owner knows, dogs shed; so being able to wash that cover is key, and Mammoth Dog Bed covers can go in your washer and dryer. The beds also have anti-odor Scotchgard, they’re stain resistant and they repel water. If you have a large dog that enjoys stretching out, their oblong series is ideal for them. On the other hand, if you’ve got a small dog, or your dog loves to curl up, the Mammoth donut dog beds are perfect and they come in an extra large variety, if you’ve got an especially large dog. If your dog is injured or old, a bed that gives them a little extra comfort can go a long way to easing their aches and letting them rest easy. Along those same lines, the company has a memory foam bed that can also come with orthopedic foam. Making dog beds is one thing, making ones that truly stand out is another; that’s what separates Mammoth Dog Beds from their competition. Vets know the aches and pains that dogs can suffer from, whether they’re from simple day to day physical activity, injuries or old age..

The Top Dog Sofa Dog Bed is overstuffed with furniture grade, 100% virgin polyester and covered with machine washable microvelvet 6-8 times stronger than cotton. This designer has a tufted bottom cushion to prevent fill from clumping and can be flipped over for twice the wear. The Top Dog Sofa Dog Bed is recommended for "Leaners", those dogs who love to lounge over a supportive bolster.

"Do you have a small space but need a place for your best friend to rest his head? This corner bed provides space and comfort for your friend. Plus you can put his or her name on it!"

When it comes to quality, we'll never sacrifice a stitch. We hand select the best mattress materials
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