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Diabetic testing equipment usually consists of a device usually referred to as a glucometer. Diabetic testing equipment is designed to read the level of glucose, or sugar, in a drop of blood so that the blood sugar level can be tracked.

The use of diabetic testing equipment is pretty simple and straight forward. To use the machine a special test strip is placed in the machine, then a drop of blood is collected by pricking the skin (usually on the finger) with a lancet, the drop of blood is placed on the test strip and the machine “reads” the amount of sugar (glucose) in the blood. Though there is a huge variety of different makes and models of diabetic testing equipment on the market, they all work in virtually the same way, some may require a little smaller drop of blood and some may “read” the sugar level quicker than the others, but the basic principal remains the same.


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There is some basic diabetic testing equipment. The most basic testing equipment is the lancet, the blood glucose monitor, the test strips, and ketone strips. The lancet is a small needle like contraption that is used to gain a blood sample.