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D-Link Record & Playback Wi-Fi Camera with Remote Viewing (DCS-942L)

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The original DCS cameras are much harder to find than later Kodak DCS models. I was fortunate to find a near mint condition DCS kit in July 2005. Prices have been steadily increasing ever since.

DCS 200, in sale from 1992 to 1994, is based on a Nikon N8008s. It is a totality compact without cable and weights 1,7 kg The N8008s body is completed a high grip, developed by Kodak. This architecture: special grip (or back) added to a classic body will be used in next DCS cameras. The main part of DCS 200 is a new CCD chip of 1,54 Meg (1524 x 1012 pixels) for an array of 14 x 9.3mm. The DCS 200 CCD is more efficient and smaller than the CCD chip of DCS 100. The size of the picture in viewfinder of DCS 200 is near of the size of 24x36 and to obtain the equivalent focal length in 24x36, it is necessary to divide the focal by 2,5. A 28 m with DCS 200 is equivalent to a 70 mm in 24x36.


DCS-5029L HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera - D-Link

For the best results with FireWire connectivity and data transmission, it is recommended that you are operating with the latest version of camera firmware. Periodically check the appropriate DCS camera firmware download page to check on the availability of a newer version.