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  • the Kell Server Cabinet 'ComputerVault Mini' is designed for two tower servers in a side-by-side standing layout inside
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Kell Systems UK list prices, January 2009 (excluding VAT)

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ComputerVault Mini™ supports thermal loads of up to 800 Watts, yet consumes only 60 Watts itself. It is compatible with servers such as HP ProLiant ML100/ML300 series, Dell PowerEdge 1900/2900 and IBM System x3105 and x3200 towers.

Kell Systems today announced the launch of ComputerVault Mini™, adding a compact, small-office solution to its world-leading range of Portable Server Environments. ComputerVault Mini™, through a combination of extreme noise reduction and high thermal capacity, enables small businesses to deploy servers and network hardware directly in the office workspace, doing away with the need for a dedicated computer room. Its office-grade appearance blends seamlessly into any work space and it eliminates server noise to such an extent that it goes unnoticed in daily use, even when working close by.


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"The ComputerVault Mini is designed to address a segment of customers we have not addressed previously," said Walsh. "Our cheapest offering used to be the 12U Server Cabinet (Model PSE12), which cost around £1,600 ($2,289), which was great for some customers and still sells very well. However, sometimes it is too expensive and too over engineered for some customers."