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  • How did you incline the arms reach co sleeper?
  • DIY Co sleeper there are enough handy men in my life to make this a reality :)

The First Years Close And Secure Sleeper

Too low to display

Love love love this idea! Ikea is the best. I’ve been looking for something other than the plastic cosleepers. This is perfect so the little man is near by but still has his own space!

This is brilliant! And you did such a great job making it beautiful. I wish I had seen this a year and a half ago, but of course I was dead set against cosleeping like the poster before me, and now I only wish I had done something like this from the beginning! And it’s just so pretty!


Arm's Reach Co sleeper Disassembly-Jammed??!

I’ve been looking into this cosleeping hack and I think it’s a great idea! However, looking from your photo, seems that you didn’t lower the mattress part, but how would it be stable? I am questioning about this because I checked the assembly instructions PDF file for IKEA’s Gulliver crib, and they show a graph that we shouldn’t assemble it so (page 18 graph 7)
How were you able to keep this wood piece (page 17) in the middle section of the crib, where the mattress stays fit in the middle part without the bottom part missing that wooden piece to keep the crib safe and solid.
Hope that you can clarify this for me, as my husband and I really believe cosleeping would be a great experience with for us and our baby.