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Cleopatra Adult Costume (Womens Medium)

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Please note that shoes are not included. This Cleopatra Egyptian Costume for girls is available in Kids sizes Small (4-6), Medium (8-10), and Large (12-14).

Cleopatra Plus Size Halloween Costume - Egyptian Costumes Cleopatra was a royal ruler with a lot of style and grace. Cleopatra Costume - Adult Costume includes long white dress with hieroglyphics trim belt, gold lame collar with attached sheer drape both with hieroglyphics trim, and matching headband. This Egyptian costume for women is available in plus size (fits up to size 22).


Rule like an Egyptian princess in this Cleopatra costume

Cleopatra was Egypt's last active pharaoh and the Roman general Mark Antony adored her. She was queen, seductress, and one of the most powerful women in history. It is easy for you to feel beautiful and powerful with this Cleopatra Adult Costume. The costume has a flowing white dress with Egyptian-style collar and belt. The colors of the embellishments on the dress are intricate patterns of blue and gold; hues fit for a queen. A matching blue cape falls from the shoulders to the ankles and has equally intricate patterned wrist cuffs. Lift your arms to wave to the realm and the cape waves too. Topping off the elegance is a gold colored headpiece with streaming gold colored beads. The outfit will look equally good as a Halloween costume or as a costume for the community theater production. The dress and cape styling captures the intrigue and beauty that accompanied Cleopatra wherever she went. Add sandals and a Cleopatra wig, and the empire is ready to greet her queen. For real effect, show up at the costume party with a partner dressed as the Mark Antony.