• So how does the Clear Blue fertility monitor work?
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  • It's important that you read the Clearblue Fertility Monitor instructions before use.

Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test, 20 Count

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A minimum of 100 female volunteers representing the target consumer will be required to use the new Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor at home as per the instructions for use. This will involve them setting up the monitor, using the monitor for one full cycle and then setting up the monitor for their next cycle unless they test for pregnancy and get a pregnant result.

This study will assess the volunteer ease of use of the new Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor and the understanding and interpretation of the results by the user. This is a single centre clinical study which will be conducted by volunteers at their residence and co-ordinated by the clinical department at SPD Development Company Ltd.


Clearblue Fertility Monitor – maximizes your chances of conception

The Clearblue Easy fertility monitor may be less reliable in women with short fertile phases. These women would benefit from the longer window defined by the Persona monitor, a double-check method as provided by the Marquette method or additional forms of protection at the onset of the fertile phase.