• Childproofing kit for a rental property.
  • Home childproofing kits usually have more tools than you need.
  • Great Review - Travel-Tot Childproofing Kit - for Peace of Mind When you are on Vacation!
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Safety 1st Safety Essentials Kit


The ultimate childproofing kit! This baby safety kit includes 35 essential childproofing items, none of which require tools. It comes with outlet plugs, safety locks and latches, corner protectors and more. This handy kits is ideal for travel and makes a great gift for grandparents! Includes one appliance latch, one multipurpose latch, one mini multipurpose latch, one angel lock,...

, LLC, a leader in away from home childproofing is proud to announce that their Travel Childproofing Kit is the Totally Awesome Kid’s Travel Accessory!


Introducing Our Travel Childproofing Kit

The good news is that if a room isn't kid-friendly, you can childproof the room yourself. First, ask the hotel what its facilities are to childproof your room. At Holiday Inn Family Suites, they actually provide a childproofing kit. But you've got to ask first. Or you can make your own kit, including masking tape or, preferably, duct tape, because a lot of kids can get through that masking tape. The tape is used to seal windows and latches, especially sliding doors, and to put together your own buffer for certain sharp areas like a table corner where you don't have the actual bumpers. And to cover electrical outlets, try plastic outlet covers or the tape itself.