• About our chicken wire.
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  • chicken wire dress - form for garden (or decor) ... I'm thinking topiary frame

G & B 308475B 36-Inch x 50-Foot 2-Inch Galvanized Mesh Hexagonal Poultry Netting

Too low to display

Without anything to really do with those pieces they just sit in my garden shed piling up until I chance upon a reason to use them. Until now! Thank goodness for places like because I had no idea there are so many creative uses for that leftover chicken wire. Here are the first three projects I am going to try; fingers crossed they work out!

Chicken wire is one of those funny products that you need a lot of when you live on a couple of acres. It just goes everywhere to protect against various pests and predators, especially when you have animals of your own or have any type of garden. I have both so to say the least I have a ton of it. What is frustrating is that for all the chicken wire I use I still end up with various sized pieces at the end of the day.


Halloween chicken wire ghost dressed in cheesecloth- view 4

This project literally cost me and came about when the fiancée offered me a scrap of chicken wire, or it was going in the trash. I had saved a picture frame from my Dad’s old thrift store and planned to one day make it into a chalkboard. But hey, chicken wire works too!