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  • Modern Canopy Beds Annual Guide 2016 | Apartment Therapy

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A great modern lifestyle option on many of our brass and iron canopy beds is the low or open foot board. These more open canopy beds provide the same sophisticated traditional and contemporary styles, yet allow a more open feeling to the bed especially if put in a smaller room.

Along with our open foot options, many of our iron canopy beds are updated classic styles, proportioned for modern mattress sizes in clean spare designs. Contemporary canopy beds tend to utilize less castings and ornamental details but are stylized to have maximum visual impact based on proportion and balance. As with all our canopy beds, the inner steel frame system provides comfort, support and strength.


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With this in mind, we return to our reality. Now that summer is over and we hurry towards wintertime, are put aside for an encounter with cozy canopy beds in the bedroom. Feathered beds used to be frameless bags filled with feathers that had to be fluffed every morning. Now we indulge in soft but sturdy mattresses with luxurious bedsheets under breezy canopies.