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  • The standing cable press down is considered an isolation exercise that direcly targets the triceps
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The tricep pressdown with cable is one of the primary mass-building tricep exercises. This exercise can be performed using a variety of bars attached to the cable. If using a straight bar, the wider the grip, the more the outside of the tricep is exercised. Going with too close of a grip may cause wrist or forearm pain. If this occurs, widen the grip. Tricep cable pressdowns can also be performed using a v-bar. The v-bar angles the hands, allowing for a close grip, while limiting wrist or forearm discomfort.

The one arm reverse tricep cable pressdown is a variation of the tricep pressdown with cable. Depending on the rep range, the one arm reverse tricep cable pressdown can be used to build strength or shape and develop the tricep. This exercise is performed by attaching a single handle to the cable pulley. Performing the exercise with a reverse grip allows the user to get a secondary forearm workout in addition to working the tricep. Working each arm independently assures that one arm does not outperform the other arm.


Tricep Cable Pressdowns The Right Way

Cable press down is a great exercise which hits the Triceps Brachii's muscles. Stand facing towards the high pulley. Use the weight as you like. Grasp the cable attachment with overhand narrow grip. and your thumbs should be around the bar. Position your both elbows to sides.