• Pack of two 100% cotton muslin Burpy Bibs™.
Two pre-washed 100% cotton muslin burpy bibs


Burpy Bibs - burp cloth/bib in one!


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  • The versatile aden + anais Burpy Bibs can perform double duty as a burp cloth if the need arises
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I would never have described a burp cloth as "innovative" until I received two burpy bibs as a gift for my second baby. After a week, I donated all my old burp cloths and bibs and stocked up on burpy bibs. The multi-layer muslin cloth is so absorbent, and curves over your shoulder providing great coverage for newborn spit ups. I love that it converts to a bib for baby when she's bottle-feeding or eating solids. As with other products, they only get better with use; they wash up really well and become super-soft over time. These bibs were the most pleasantly surprising, indispensable baby gift. I now give them to all the new and expecting moms I know.

I have used these burpy bibs since my daughter was born 5 months ago. I love how soft and non irritating the fabric is: Perfect for a newborn's sensitive skin! She has been recently introduced to baby cereals and foods. These bibs have come in handy once again. They cover her so well while she eats. They have helped to keep her clothes clean. And because she is still learning and is a messy eater, I love that I can wipe her face clean with them. These burpy bibs have been washed repeatedly and they honestly still look brand new and are still as soft as when they were purchased! The designs on them are also pretty. Who would think that you'd receive compliments on burp cloths/bibs, but I do!!


Aden + Anais Burpy Bibs - 2 Pack - Whiz Kid

If you are a new mom I am sure that you are familiar with. They have the most fabulous swaddling blankets, but have you heard about their Burpy Bibs? This is a great 2 in one burp cloth and bib. They are made from an extra absorbant and soft muslin that works great for soaking up messes.