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Real Techniques Lash Brow Groomer

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For a plastic brow and lash comb, the Body Shop version is longer than most of the kind you'll find in a drugstore, and also easily 2-3 times more expensive. The bristles on the brow brush are too stiff, which makes it scratchy (as some other reviewer has mentioned). As for the plastic comb, I can't comment much. I didn't get to use it much since it broke into two after I accidentally dropped it the day after I made the purchase. For something this expensive, it shouldn't break so easily.

The Body Shop Brown and Lash Comb is a great product to have on hand. The brow brush is firm enough to shape and groom brows, yet soft enough to not scratch you. The bristles are the perfect length; not too short, but just right and it's really easy to just sweep on your brows to tame them. The lash comb is perfect for separating lashes, making them defined and removes clumps in mascaras. I especially love this with Kiss Me Mascara to achieve natural, perfect-looking lashes (or for just about any slightly clumpy/gloopy mascara). Just sweep on a coat of mascara, lightly comb through while wet, apply another coat, comb through and sweep a bit more mascara on tips for long, lush lashes! Really great product that's affordable and will last me ages; I've had this for a couple of years now and the bristles are still in tact and work perfectly! Will repurchase if anything happens to it!


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