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Range Kleen Porcelain Broiler Pan with Porcelain Grill

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Broiler pans are an absolute essential for roasting, baking or grilling meats and veggies. Lots of ovens come with them these days, but if your home was previously occupied, chances are the previous occupants found it so handy, they took it with them.

Hello, I am Sue Walker, and I am going to show you how to cook with a broiler pan. You will need a broiler pan set or a pan with a cooking rack, cooking spray, and an oven. Broiling is a method of cooking when high heat comes from the top of the oven instead of the bottom. It is a fast way to cook several kinds of meats or vegetables. In an electric over the heat will come from coils at the top of the oven. In a gas oven there is usually a drawer at the bottom of the stove specifically for broiling under a flame. There are two sections to a broiler pan, the bottom catches the grease and juices that cook out of the meat you are broiling. The top is a ridged tray with open slats to let the grease fall through. Place a cup of water in the bottom pan, coat the top of the broiler pan with cooking spray. Then place your meat or vegetables on the pan. Turn on the oven to broil and let preheat. Place the broiler pan on the upper rack in the oven. Broil until the food has reached the desired level of doneness and remove from the oven. Be careful not to tip the pan so the grease does not spill out. And that is how to cook with a broiler pan.


WaterBroiler Pan and I ALWAYS use ground chuck

After many many years of broiling on the large pan that come with the range, I finally had a thought that there must be something smaller out there. I bought this set at Wal-mart for $15.97. There are only two of us and this size is PERFECT!! The non-stick quality is excellent, cleans up quickly - nothing sticks. The last time it was used it did not get washed right away [I had to go out and hubby just left it in the sink ;( ] so it did take more effort to get it spotless. I've cooked steaks and chicken with no problems with the fat drainage. The description states the drip pan can be used as a cake pan which I have not tried but it is possible. It is dishwasher safe (which I did not know) but I have never put a broiler pan in the dishwasher, I hand wash right after using. I highly recommend this broiler pan.