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When you're an avid boxer, you know that the sport can be physically straining and demanding. Protect yourself properly with Academy Sports + Outdoors' range of boxing headgear, mouth pieces and hand wraps to make sure you box at your best while guarding your body against counter punches. Durable mouth pieces shield your teeth from incoming uppercuts, and hand wraps shield your joints from crushing blows.

Prep for the competition with punching mitts and shields. Reinforce yourself with cotton handwraps for the ring. Pick up specialized boxing gear and build endurance with adjustable weight vests and jump ropes for your workout.


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Boxing has gained popularity among both men and women as a means of developing body fitness, coordination, skill, timing and reflexes. It is a requirement that during training and competition you need to wear boxing gloves for safety. Boxing gloves over time have become specialized depending on what your goals. The gloves vary from bag gloves, sparring gloves, training gloves, aerobic gloves, fight gloves, competition gloves and etc. Amber Boxing Gear carries all these types of gloves for any of your needs.

Why use boxing gloves ? Safety Safety Safety¦ Boxing gloves project your hands and your knuckles during workouts. Boxing gloves not only protect the boxer but also his/her opponents'. Safety of an individual is important in any competition and boxing gloves have help a great deal in ensuring this happens making boxing an enjoyable sport. Boxing gloves also help improves boxing speed Ideal size of boxing gloves provides ease and comfort for the boxer to move punches swiftly and with great power to the opponent knocking him/her within a short time and hence achieving success.

Boxing gloves also boosts stamina in your muscles and joints. Boxers should consider wearing weighted gloves over light gloves because it helps boost their muscles stamina and joints too. Use of heavier gloves means the boxers' body need to adjust throwing punches with them and in the process building strength in their muscles. Repeated use of heavier boxing gloves produces stimulation that aids muscle recollection and hence stronger muscles.

Conclusion when buying boxing gloves boxers should be careful not to buy those of low quality as low quality gloves compromises his/her safety. Thus it is always important to consider choosing the best type of gloves that will ensure boxers safety in training and competitions before buying them. Amber Boxing Gear carries exceptional quality gloves at reasonable prices. There is only a handful of companies that have received USA Boxing seal of approval for the completion gloves and Amber Boxing Gear is one of the few.