• Sbravati Crossbow Trigger
  • Medieval Crossbow Trigger Mechanism
  • Medieval Crossbow Trigger Made Out Of Steel And Shaped As A Z
  • Does naybody have a simple diagram of a pistol crossbow trigger design, would be much appreciated

Tru-Fire Patriot Adult Black Release


My first shots with the Trigger Tech took me right back to my target-shooting roots. I’ve only been shooting a factory-produced hunting-type crossbow since 2011. Prior to that I’d been shooting with custom-made target crossbows at international level for over 20 years. My target crossbows were fitted with two-stage match triggers – the same type as used by Olympic small-bore rifle shooters. From the very first shot, the crisp, two-stage feel of the Trigger Tech reminded me of a world-class rifle trigger. You can eventually get used to a long, heavy pull of a hunting crossbow trigger – but you can’t get around the fact that releasing a shot takes a conscious effort – which is a recipe for erratic results. But with the Trigger Tech trigger I immediately thought, ‘Wow! What a difference!’ Shots could now be squeezed off without any conscious effort. My entire focus was on my hold,

I'am crisp trigger fan and i affraid crossbow triggers are something what i'dont like I was searching pics of man kung trigger boxes and find none of MK-150A3W and Man Kung MK 300 AC. I have read that trigger box side plate is thin and taking a part is difficult. Is trigger job impossible on these bows?


Crossbow Trigger Prototype - YouTube

There remains a need for a simple but highly reliable crossbow trigger mechanism that incorporates both a traditional on/off safety feature as well as an effective dry fire prevention feature that prevents release of the bowstring when there is no arrow in the crossbow.