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OPT7® H10 Advanced Glow 13-SMD LED Fog Light Bulbs - 10000K Deep Blue - Plug-n-Play (Pack of 2)

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The only issue we had with the is that after about a year of use, one of them burned out. While they lasted, however, they were great bulbs, and we feel they were worth the money. IF you are looking to spice up your rice burner with some sleek blue headlights, these bulbs are not for you. If, however, you are looking to get a brighter, whiter light to enhance your nighttime driving a little, these Hella High Performance Headlights are right up your alley.

High-intensity blue spectrum headlights are illegal – and make it hard for me to see properly while driving at night. Why is there seemingly no policing of this dangerous practice? What are the regulations? – Scot, Burlington, Ont.


OSRAM VW T4 / T5 H4 Cool Blue Hyper Headlight Bulbs

Matthew Ham of Sparks writes, “I keep seeing a lot of purple or even blue headlights on cars, is this legal? I thought blue was reserved for police cars.”