• BeJeweler® Pro
  • • Turn on the Bejeweler Down Under at the power source and wait a few minutes for the tool to heat.
  • • Always have responsible adult supervision if the Bejeweler Down Under is being used by children.
  • • Screw in the desired sized tip into the Bejeweler Down Under when the tool is cool.

BeJeweler Pro Hot Fix Rhinestone Setter

Too low to display

The handle has been designed to allow the Bejeweler Down Under to be held like a pencil, allowing for prolonged use of the tool. The handle remains cool and protects you from the heated tip.

The Bejeweler Down Under comes with an Australian plug, so there is no need to worry about converter plugs and is safe for 240v power, no adapters are necessary.


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Before you plug in your BeJeweler, choose the correct size tip to match the rhinestone you are using. Tips are etched on the side with the size number. If in doubt, place the tip over the rhinestone. It should pick up the rhinestone.