• DIY Barbie House
  • Barbie dolls on display at the Barbie Dreamhouse Experience on May 16.
  • Visitors make a stop at the computers inside Barbie Dreamhouse Experience in Berlin, May 16.
  • An image of the 2013 Barbie Dreamhouse.

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Dream cottage of 1984: The Barbie Dreamhouse provides girls with the backdrop to play house with Barbie, truly bringing to life Ruth Handler's vision that Barbie allows girls to role play real life scenarios

Barbie house, and in these shopping centers will be set up, life size, the legendary House of Barbie, fully furnished inside, to present the news in 2011, but also to give inspiration and ideas for games for girls, and of course play. Among the new features also two boxes, Barbie Princesses and Barbie, the Academy for the Perfect Christmas, the latter designed for the youngest can (ages 3 and up).


Barbie House: Top Five Barbie Doll House Review ..

I found your site looking for ideas because I’m planning to built a Barbie house for my daughter and giving it at Christmas. I still have a lot of my old Barbie furniture, but I didn’t manage to save the bath. Seeing how good yours looks really makes me wish I had kept mine away from my sister!