• Schwinn Balance Bike Pros
  • As your child grows, LittleBig transforms into a bigger balance bike with a .
  • A pedal attachment can later be fitted, converting the balance bike into a proper pedal bike.
  • ZOOM and their founders have been selling balance bikes since 2009. We want to share our knowledge.

Schwinn 12-Inch Balance Bike, Pink


The perfectly formed and simply designed Kurve are the new range ofbalance bikes from Kiddimoto. These balance bikes for kids are forchildren aged from 3 years. The Kurve is a first bike for children todevelop balance and coordination.

Certainly one of the prime factors that need to be addressed as the children have their own preferences in their abilities and interests in handling the Bike and it is also preferred to get the lightest for the kids. There are few of the Best Balance Bike out there that comes with lightest frames.


where can I purchase this Zelvy Carbon Balance bike from???

By now, you may have seen little kids riding “balance bikes,” which are bikes without pedals. Two of my children learned how to ride a bike with a Chillafish BMXie. The design helps kids learn balance and steering skills. Kids feel secure while they learn to ride, because their feet can easily plant on the ground at any time.