• Bag Balm: Company Overview and Purchasing Information
  • The active ingredients of Bag Balm are  sulfate 0.3% () in a  USP and  base.
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Bag Balm - 8 ounce

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There are also several online retailers that sell Bag Balm, and a ten-ounce can sells from anywhere from $5.00 – $7.00. These third-party retailers will also often have Bag Balm reviews on their pages from customers who have tried the product.

Some retailers sell the item in bulk, which may be an advantage to those who own large farms, veterinary practices, or animal shelters. The Bag Balm Company warns its customers that there are many imitation salves on the market and that their product is the only one sold with their specific clover-and-cow logo.


Vermont's Original Bag Balm Ointment | Walgreens

When I got our tin of Bag Balm I popped the lid off to see exactly what this miracle ointment looked like. One warning. Keep your nose back! The odor doesn't sit well with me at all. You have to get your face right up in there to get a large whiff, but I don't suggest it. If I could explain this smell, I would. Almost a medicated Vaseline type of smell?