• Creating a Baby Pool
  • Bulldozer Baby Pool Float $39.90
  • Make your own baby pool at the beach with a shower curtain and a shovel. Genius!
  • Baby pools are fun! Where else do you get to go gambling on someone else's birthdate?

Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool (34 in x 10 in)

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A Baby Guessing Game (aka Baby Pool) is a group game where any number of participants can submit their guesses (called “hunches” in these parts) about the new baby. You can guess characteristics such as the Birthdate, Birth Time, Gender, Weight, Length, Hair Color, Eye Color and/or the First Letter of the new baby’s First Name.

When you create a BabyHunch Baby Pool, you'll name the Pool (something like "Jim and Pam's Baby Pool!", "Here Comes Baby Smith!", etc.) and you'll have full control over the scoring system, including choosing which categories can be guessed and choosing how many points are added to a person's score for incorrect hunches (the LOWEST score wins in our Baby Pools). If you’re ready to start a fun and easy-to-use Baby Pool, simply click the “Start a Baby Pool” button at the top or bottom of this page!


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Those who are traveling with family in tow understand the importance of having a kid-friendly area in a hotel where the children can burn off their energy before settling down for some sightseeing. While many hotel pools are notorious for restricting the often-wild habits of children at play to benefit a pool’s older occupants, some hotels remedy this issue by offering a swimming pool just for kids. Thus a kids pool can be a parent’s savior, as it is a refuge for their children to splash, scream, play and simply be wild away from those stringent adults. Parents with little ones can delight in the fact that kids pools are often paired with baby pools, which feature a safe and shallow area for their toddlers to enjoy without interference from older children.