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Comfort & Harmony Woombie Peanut Leggies Swaddle - Nutshell


Clothes are one of the most important things to have for your baby. Babies generally need to change their clothes regularly. You will need different garments that you must have in excess. Baby leggings are great for baby girls. They make them look so cute, keep them warm and comfortable and leave them with a great style. Leggings for baby girls are available in a wide range of colors and styles now; they can be plain or patterned with many great patterns like being striped, dotted, ruffled or with floral prints, and some of them can have an attached ribbon or a flower to give more style. Leggings are available in many colors that are all lively and look very cute on girls. Baby girl leggings are among the best option in winter, they keep your girl warm, and give you a wide range of options for clothing, leggings can be worn on different tops, t-shirts and jackets. You can even keep her with a certain legging throughout the day and change her tops whenever you need to if things get messy. All baby girl leggings are made of soft materials like cotton that doesn’t harm her tender skin.

(via Keeping Up With The Morgans) Transform knee-socks into tight woven baby leggings with this easy tutorial which also includes an equally cute headband DIY.


Lumberjack Baby and Toddler Leggings by BabyLylasLeggings on Etsy

thanks so much! really lovely and versatile! i have just made a pair of baby leggings out of a pair of jumper sleeves- which did work. but these are better.