• Baby Humidifier Reviews
  • There are a two different types of baby humidifiers:
  • Ultrasonic baby humidifiers – Produce a cool mist via ultrasonic sound vibrations
  • Evaporation baby humidifiers – Use a fan to blow air through and around a wick or filter

Crane Adorable 1 Gallon Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, Elephant


One manufacturer with several very popular models of baby humidifiers is Crane. Crane creates mostly cool mist humidifiers of different shapes, sizes, and price ranges. A popular feature of Crane humidifiers is their selection of cute animal shapes. Crane has penguin-shaped humidifiers, elephant-shaped humidifiers, owl-shaped humidifiers, and many others. Their award-winning designs are child-friendly while still perfectly functional.

A well-maintained baby humidifier provides multiple health benefits for children who are too young for over-the-counter medications. Humidifiers help babies to enjoy the comfort of soft skin and lips while also opening up the throat and nasal passages. For anyone with a child under 3 who lives in a dry climate or a climate that becomes dry in the winter, a cool mist or warm mist humidifier is a must.


Forelife™ Baby Ultasonic Humidifier/Aroma diffuser

There are several things you should know before getting a baby humidifier. What kind of water the humidifier will use is important for your consideration. A humidifier that requires distilled water will be better, while these using tap water are not so good because tap water contains minerals that can develop into a breeding ground for bacteria. But, if the humidifier only needs tap water, try to clean it with vinegar regularly in case of running the risk of germs or molds. . It will increase your expense and works of cleaning. But it’s recommended to have a humidifier with a filter if you are going to use tap water.