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BLU Advance 5.0 Unlocked Dual Sim Smartphone, Light sensor, - US GSM (White)


hey i want a quickfire but i heard they discountinued them how comes they r the coolest things around iam so digging one but i got to wait til i turn 18 to get a plan of my own i have the att slider phone as a pay as u go phone and it cost alot each week.

Despite the F160's unassuming look, it has more goodies than you'd anticipate, thanks in part to AT&T's bundled services. There's room in the F160's address book for 500 contacts, and each entry can host your contact's name, multiple phone numbers, multiple e-mail addresses, a street address, and a ringtone. Twelve ringtones come on the phone, but you can sub in your own via the microSD card, or buy ringtones in the AT&T store. Ringback tones, while a separate purchase through AT&T, are another option. Unfortunately, attaching a photo ID to your contact isn't--an odd omission for a camera phone.


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