• Ab Wheel Exercise
  • The Ab Wheel has really one fundamental exercise which is easy to perform.
  • The best ab wheel tutorial on internets!
  • Can you say what model ab wheel that is in the pictures?


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The Dual Large Ab Wheel allows you to train and work your abdominal muscles. With heavy-duty handles and big dual wheels, it can be used by either your hands or feet. Unlike other double ab-wheel, on this ab-wheel the wheels are large, with a 30cm diameter. The bigger the wheel, the more stable it is to use when doing the abdominal exercises.

Walk with the ab wheel to work your arms and back. Strap the wheel to your feet, assume a pushup position and walk forward with your hands to strengthen your shoulders and biceps. Perform an alligator walk by walking forward on your hands, while you stop to do a pushup with every step, to hit your upper arms and shoulders. You can also do isometric pushups with your feet strapped to the wheel. Isometric pushups are like regular pushups but with your legs elevated by the wheel to give your arms and shoulders a more intense workout.


The Heaviest Duty Ab Wheel Available!!

I don't know about you, but I like a little variety in my workouts. Just like any exercise, if you do the ab wheel long enough, eventually you get bored and it gets thrown into a corner of your gym to never be used again. This won't happen with the power wheel II, besides doing the normal wheel rollouts you can strap this thing to your feet opening up a whole new range of exercise!