• So, today…we’re going to discuss the Ab Circle Pro.
  • And the part about a low cal diet and regular exercise being part of the Ab Circle Pro program.
  • This video from Consumer Reports gives their take on the Ab Circle Pro (hint: it’s not positive):
  • For anyone who’s interested, check out this rather scathing review of the Ab Circle Pro:

Ab Circle Pro

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I have also reduced my caloric intake, but as far as widdling my middle, I haven’t noticed as to whether that process has been achieved. As far as sweating, I am sweating as much if not more today from the ab circle pro as I was 45 days ago, so it may be just me, but that hasn’t decreased. I dont own a scale so I am unsure as to whether I have dropped any pounds or not from adding the ab circle pro to my workouts.

I am going to continue with my daily 30 minutes on the ab circle pro, in my opinion, adding a 30 minute workout to my fitness routine cannot hurt.


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Plenty of people want washboard abs, but not everyone wants to do the crunches required to trim the flab. Enter the Ab Circle Pro, a fast and easy way to give your body the sexy V shape you've always wanted.