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50 to 1


50 TO 1 has a moral center to it in that Mark sticks by his friend, Chip, despite the obstacles Chip encounters. Also, when Calvin joins the team as the jockey, the movie shows that Calvin’s committed to his Catholic faith in God and Jesus before the race. Calvin also honors his late parents before and after the race. Finally, Mark prays to God at the Derby that God lets their horse not embarrass them and at least finish in the Top 10. Calvin’s faith and Mark’s prayer are answered in a truly amazing way.

Despite this positive content, there’s plenty of drinking in 50 TO 1. In one sequence, Chip gets inebriated and wins a bunch of money at a poker game. However, his winnings aren’t enough to save his ranch. Also, Mark is shown to be a ladies man in two scenes. In one scene, he forgets the name of a girl at a party. In another scene, he’s enticed by another girl at another party. 50 TO 1 also has an excessive amount of PG-13 language.


I am so excited to finally get to order 50 to 1!

Though infinitely more real than the symbolically bloated Seabiscuit of over a decade ago, 50 to 1 never completely gets under the skin of horse racing.