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Matchbox Diecast 50 Car Pack (1:64 Scale)


A portion of U.S. Highway 131 in western Michigan was shut down after slick conditions caused a chain-reaction crash, according to the Michigan Department of Transportation. Kent County Under-sheriff Michelle Young said that between 40 and 50 cars were scattered across the highway in the wake of the accident.

One of the highlights of the 50 Cent car collection was the Lamborghini Murcielago. This beautiful model from the Italian carmaker boasted of a 6.5l V12 engine that produced 640 bhp power. Outward appearance was the USP of this marvelous vehicle. The chrome finish involved the use of a chrome style paint called MiraChrome. The luxurious interiors included automatic climate control among other things. However, this stunning vehicle is no longer part of the 50 Cent collection. It was sold on eBay in August 2007 for $310,000. The current whereabouts of the car is not known.


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