• 480Hz Refresh Rate
  • power on throttle lockout support 480hz high refresh rates up to 499hz
  • The Likelihood of a 480Hz Screen Refresh Rate
  • on Tuesday announced it will display the first LCD TV panel with a 480Hz refresh rate at January's CES show

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Too low to display

LG unveiled the World’s first 480Hz today. Aside from boasting an eye numbing 480hz refresh rate, the Trumotion 480Hz LCD TV also rocks a super fast 4ms response time. Unfortunately, there’s no mention of resolution, brightness, contrast ratio or pricing, but I promise to kick down some doors at CES ’09 to get a hands on.

LG Display is showcasing what calls TruMotion 480Hz refresh technology. In technology demos, the panel features a 480Hz refresh rate per second.


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Correct me if I'm wrong but I though the epson 5030 / 9200 already had a 480hz refreshment rate for 3d... So 120hz for the glasses against 96hz for JVC and sony but still below the triple flash 144hz dlp. I wish Epson would come out with an LED-based 144hz DLP projector instead of LCOS...