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POTEK 500W Power Inverter DC 12V to AC 110V Car Adapter with 2 5V/2A USB Charging Output


Plug-and-play 110V adapter allows your Remington Solar attic fan to run at night…IF, and ONLY IF, your attic is still above 80 degrees. Simple plug in to fans purchased after 4/1/15.(Will not work on fans purchased before this date.) This is an amazingly simple solution for your hot attic to cool in the evening. NOTE: Using this adapter will adjust your warranty to a 3-year warranty. (Compare to a 1-year warranty on competing brands)

The Remington Solar attic fans DO NOT have a battery and they do not store energy. In the past, when the sun goes down, your fan turns off, regardless of attic temperature. In hotter climates, even at night the attic doesn’t cool below 80 degrees. With the 110V adapter, you can plug your Remington Solar fan in to your house power and it will activate the fan if the temperatures are still over 80 degrees…yet the sun is down. Your attic fan will run off of your solar panel first. It will only draw from house power if 1) the sun is not powering your attic fan and 2) if your attic is still above 80 degrees.


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