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True amateur photographers in over 120 countries are improving the quality of their photos using 1080p Camera on iPhone 4S and iPhone 5!
Benefit from advantages of the best digital camera for making the perfect beauty and quality photos!!
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1080p is one step higher level of picture quality than one available on regular platform that your iPhone 4S supports. Digital zoom has been advanced up to 10X. New features with iLock option are here to ensure that all your private photo's are safe and encrypted.
This app also helps that lacks of your old iPhone camera are finally gone. Our app will raise those iPhone 4 images as high as 720p.

Photo editing has been upgraded with easy to use features. All your roaming around can be tracked with great new Geo tagging options. With high quality image processing and tons of other additional effects your photo skills will go pro!

Camera features
- 1080p resolution at 8.0 MEGA (iPhone 4S, iPhone 5) **NEW**
- 5.0 Mega (iPhone 4)
- High quality image processing
- 10x digital zoom
- Multiple additional image processing filters and effects!

"1080p" is a latest image processing technology that has evolved from earlier HD technology known as 720p or 1080i (i for interlaced).
The latter (720p or 1080i) are the existing standards for HD images!
As far as 1080p, there is no doubt that 1080p is the best image resolution currently available on the market.

Yeah, sorry, I was unclear. I’ve added a clarification. You can load 1080p content onto the iPhone 4S and iPad 2, but you can’t play them at native resolution because neither device has a 1080p or greater screen. (They get down sampled.)
That makes streaming 1080p a bit of a waste. Buying could be good to future-proof your collection, if you have the extra storage space.


The iPhone 6 may be Apple's first iPhone with a 1080P HD display