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Wiha 26130 Phillips Screwdriver with Soft PicoFinish Precision Handle, #000 x 40mm

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We all know how long your Screwdrivers last in the repair world. After a dozen or so repairs its pretty well shot, and you dont want to have to buy a new screwdriver every other week. Luckily eTech Parts has come up with a solution to this problem. We are now offering a Replaceable #000 Screwdriver Head so you wont have to go through so many screwdrivers. Instead of replacing the entire tool each time you can purchase just the tip. We would suggest you start out with this #000 tip and .

I'm not really at home in the screwdriver world, and since this question relates to my purchase of a MBP I figured I could ask the question here. Whats the difference between a Phillips 00 and a 000 screwdriver?


890 Aluminum iPhone 4 Phillips #000 / PH000 Screwdriver

We tried half a dozen different precision Phillips #000 screwdriver tools to find the one we liked the most. The body is made from a single piece of aluminum and has nice knurled grips. The end-cap rotates so you can keep the body steady while rotating. The tip is nicely machined and is magnetic so it holds the miniscule screws in place while inserting/removing them.

These small Phillips screws are used in iPhone 4G (not 4S) and nearly every other kind of small electronic device that has tiny screws. Check the bottom of your iPhone if you're not sure whether you have Pentalobe or Phillips #000 screws.